17:58 / 07.06.2021
Taxpayer identification number to be abolished from July 1

The Presidential Decree No. UP-6191 of March 23, 2021 has been adopted. It aims to limit information provided in paper form in favor of an electronic systems, as well as to prevent state bodies from requesting documents that have no importance for working activity.

According to the State Tax Committee, starting from June 1, 2021, state bodies, organizations and institutions will no longer require documents confirming the registration of individual taxpayers in the state tax service bodies (taxpayer identification number).

In contrast, state bodies and organizations are now responsible for requesting the registration of individuals in tax authorities or through the interagency integration platform “Electronic Government”, when providing state services to citizens, hiring them or conducting other administrative procedures.

According to the decree, from June 1, 2021, the registration of citizens over 16 as a taxpayer is conducted simultaneously with issuing ID cards to them.

Thus, from July 1, 2021, the registration of taxpayers in the tax authorities will be conducted using the personal identification number of an individual (PINFL), and therefore the taxpayer identification number (TIN) will no longer be needed and its issuance will be canceled.

The personal identification number of an individual (PINFL) is a single identifier that confirms the identity of a citizen when he/she uses state, banking, social and other services. State bodies and organizations may not maintain separate numbers identifying individuals.