21:33 / 12.06.2021

Teaching staff of Tashkent region schools with low quality education to undergo knowledge assessment

Teachers who work at schools of the Tashkent region with poor quality of education will undergo assessment, the Ministry of Public Education reports.

The Ministry of Education, as well as the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education of June 3, approved a regulation on the assessment of teaching staff of higher and secondary special education who operate in state general education institutions with low quality education in Tashkent region, as well as their evaluation criteria.

Of the 891 schools in Tashkent region, 174 (19.5 per cent) fall into the category of poor quality education. Also, if in the region the proportion of teachers with an average special education is 14.9 percent, then in terms of the republic this figure is 12.9 percent. The number of teachers with higher education who do not have a category is 44.7%.

The assessment will be conducted in two stages:

In the first stage:

  • The theoretical knowledge of those certified in their specialties will be assessed using qualification tests consisting of 40 questions. For each correctly resolved test question, test takers will get 1.75 points (maximum - 70 points). 

Those who scored 55 percent or more of the total score (38.5 points) at the first stage go to the second stage of certification. Those who did not score 55 percent of the total score (38.5 points) are considered “not qualified”, and will not be allowed to the second stage.

In the second stage:

  • There will be 5 questions of the certification commission about reforms in the education system, about the effectiveness of pedagogical activities, about professional competence;
  • In the second stage, test takers will get 6 points for each question (a total of 30 points). Those with 55 per cent or more of the total score (16.5) are considered to have passed the second stage of certification.

Specialists of the Republican Center for Education and experts will be responsible for compiling tests. Different variants of test will be presented to takers who will choose one of them.