19:33 / 18.06.2021
Uzbekistan films documentary about Sardoba disaster

“Documentary and Chronicle Film Studio” makes the documentary film “Sardoba sabog’i” (Lessons of Sardoba).

In Sirdarya, the production of “Sardoba sabog’i” documentary about the man-made disaster at the Sardoba reservoir has begun. 

Filming is carried out in the Sardoba, Mirzaabad and Akaltyn districts of the Sirdarya region.

The film tells the story of evacuated residents, military personnel, rescuers who took part in the evacuation and other compatriots who helped the victims in one way or another.

The documentary is made by State Unitary Enterprise “Documentary and Chronicle Film Studio” and was ordered by the Agency of Cinematography of Uzbekistan.

“The purpose of the film is to show patience and endurance, firm will, solidarity of our compatriots. Of course, the main idea of the film is to demonstrate the tragedy as a lesson for all of us. The film “Sardoba sabog’i” is my first directorial work at the Cinematography Agency and we are trying to make the film interesting to the audience,” director Abdusamad Salomov says.