17:08 / 19.06.2021
Uzbekistan restarts export of gold 

For the first time since September last year, Uzbekistan begins exporting gold, the State Committee on Statistics report.

$1.2 billion worth gold sale positively affected the country’s foreign trade turnover.

In January-May, the foreign trade turnover reached $14.5 billion, which is more that in the same period of 2020 by $1.7 billion (an increase of 13.2%).

Of the total foreign trade turnover, exports amounted to $5.7 billion (by January-May 2020, an increase of 14% was noted), and imports - $8.8 billion (an increase of 12.7%), resulting in the negative balance of foreign trade ($3.1 billion).

In January-May, 4,468 exporting entities brought the volume of exports without gold to $4.5 billion.