15:04 / 01.07.2021
Poll: Over 90% of young people are satisfied with the way their families live

The Republican Center for the Study of Public Opinion “Ijtimoy Fikr” conducted a comprehensive study “Youth of new Uzbekistan: positions in life and value priorities”. 

The survey involved young people aged 14 to 35 years from all regions of the republic, boys and girls, urban and rural residents, representatives of various nationalities and social groups of the population, schoolchildren, students and those working in various fields and industries.

According to the data obtained, the political, economic and social reforms carried out in Uzbekistan have a positive effect on the living standard of young people – 91.4% are satisfied with the way their families live, of which 56.7% answered that they are “completely satisfied”, 34.7% of young people are “rather satisfied” with the way their life and the life of their relatives are developing.

The poll showed that the absolute majority of young people (86.9%) are confident and optimistic about the future. This testifies to the effectiveness of youth policy aimed at creating conditions for the social and spiritual development of the country’s youth, disclosing their creative potential, supporting initiatives and guaranteeing the freedom of young people to choose ways to pursue their interests.

In the course of a telephone survey, 94.6% of participants answered the question “Do you have a purpose in life?” positively, which indicates a high responsibility for their lives and the presence of plans for the future, life guidelines, in accordance with which they build a strategy of behavior.

43.2% of the respondents consider career, professional growth, and successful entrepreneurial activity to be important goals in life. At the same time, the material well-being of young people is highly valued, and it is important for the respondents not only to get an interesting, but also promising and highly paid job.

As shown by the survey results, for 53.3% of participants, having a family status is a value that mobilizes their social and economic activity. According to the respondents, it is the creation of their own family, harmonious relationships between spouses, the birth and upbringing of children that are not only a life value, but also contribute to the further personal and career growth of citizens.

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