17:52 / 07.07.2021

New buildings to be tested for seismic stability

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution “On the introduction of a system for assessing the seismic stability of buildings and structures and the formation of electronic technical passports.”

The electronic technical passports will contain information to assess the seismic vulnerability of existing buildings and structures, multi-story residential buildings located on the seismic territory.

Ministries and departments, local authorities, associations, and other organizations should include electronic technical passports of their buildings and structures in the Unified Integrated Platform.

The Construction Control Inspectorate under the Ministry of Construction will create electronic technical passports for all types of new buildings and buildings under construction, as well as apartment buildings, and ensure their permanent inclusion in the platform.

The resolution approved the regulation on creating electronic technical passports for assessing the seismic stability of buildings and structures.

By January 15, the Ministry of Construction, in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences, will classify buildings, structures, and apartment buildings by their seismic vulnerability based on electronic technical passports included in the platform.

Within 15 days from the date of receipt of the information, the Ministry of Emergencies sends a notification letter on the conduct of an instrumental and technical inspection to ministries, departments, local authorities, and other organizations.

Within six months, they will take measures to strengthen buildings and structures recognized as seismically weak.