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Students swindling via Telegram detained in Bukhara and Namangan

Two students withdrew more than 4 million soums from other people’s plastic cards. They misled their “victims” and reported that they allegedly won a cash prize. We remind you that the secret code received on the phone number cannot be disclosed to unauthorized persons.

An unknown person wrote to the Telegram account of a girl living in the Karakul district and said that she had won a cash prize. In order to receive the prize, she needed to send her plastic card number.

Having received the secret code and the number of the plastic card issued under the name of the girl and connected to her phone, the fraudster withdrew 2 million 551 thousand soums from her account.

On this fact, the girl’s father M.Yu. appealed to law enforcement agencies. The investigative department of the regional DIA opened a criminal case against an unknown person under paragraph “b” of Article 169-3 of the Criminal Code (theft).

“In the course of investigative measures carried out by employees of the regional police department in cooperation with employees of the district DIA, it turned out that this crime was committed by a third-year student of the Bukhara Engineering and Technological Institute Kh.Kh. (born in 1998), residing at the address: Navoi region, the city of Navoi, Me’morlar Street”, the press service of the regional DIA said.

The cybercrime committed in the Pap district, Namangan region, was also carried out via Telegram.

On June 14, an unknown person wrote via Telegram to a citizen (born in 1990), living in the Pap district, and sent a message that, allegedly, as part of the “Good Luck Action”, he won a cash prize of 500 thousand soums. Then he told him that he would transfer this money to his plastic card, and asked to send the secret card number. Having received the necessary data, the fraudster withdrew 1 million 570 thousand soums from the card.

In the course of investigative actions, it was revealed that this crime was committed by a resident of the Rishtan district, Fergana region, a fourth-year student of the Fergana State University, the police department of the Namangan region reports.

It turned out that the offender was convicted by the Boyavut district court of the Syrdarya region under Article 168-1 of the Criminal Code (fraud). He was sentenced to correctional labor for 3 years, on February 1, 2021, he was registered with the probation group of the Rishtan district DIA of Fergana region. In April of this year, the guy (born in 1999) created the Agrobank info channel on Telegram and committed criminal acts through the this channel’s bot.

Now a criminal case has been opened on both facts. The preliminary investigation continues. Also, the involvement of these persons in unsolved crimes of this type committed in other regions is being checked.

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