21:10 / 28.07.2021
Uzbekistan changes the procedure for obtaining tinting permission 

From October 1, permission to tint the car windows will be issued only through a unified portal of interactive public services.

This is stated in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers “On additional measures to improve the procedure for the operation of cars with tinted windows.”

According to the document, from October 1, 2021, citizens will receive permission to tint the windows of vehicles only through a single portal of interactive public services.

The driver will independently carry out work on tinting the windows. There is no permission required for tinting the rear screen, as well as up to 14 cm of the top part of a windscreen, to an unlimited level of light transmission.

The permit will be issued for 1 year and payment for the permit must be made within 10 days after the application.

An application for renewal of the permit will need to be submitted before its expiration.

There is no fee for the re-issuance of the tinting permit through the portal of interactive public services.

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