20:32 / 14.08.2021

Narpay district prosecutor poses an alleged threat to businessman. Regional prosecutor’s office investigating the case

An audio recording of the conversation went viral on social networks, in which the prosecutor of the Narpay district of Samarkand region, Kamoliddin Zhavdanov, allegedly took part. On the audio recording, the owner of the voice scolded the entrepreneur for the delay in construction work, saying that he would “cripple him” if he did not start work immediately.

The conversation between the two men, who are supposedly a prosecutor and an entrepreneur, looks like this:

- Why are you wandering?
- People will be ready tomorrow morning...
- Don’t talk nonsense. You will now arrange people. Is it clear? I will cripple both of you. You are an idiot. Who added the two idiots to the list? You also carried out the work nastily at school No. 5. Go and check now. Call me later, okay? Find this Ulugbek.
- He is coming now.
- Hey, look here, don’t do me a favor, speak normally. Bring people. Do you understand what I say?
- There are people. I told you, everyone at work, people will come from Kattakurgan.
- Why didn’t you start concrete flattening?
- I was only told last night about concrete flattening.
- Find Ulugbek and let him call me!
- OK.

The press secretary of the Prosecutor General’s Office Khayot Shamsutdinov said that the prosecutor’s office of the Samarkand region is studying the authenticity of the audio recording, when, where and under what circumstances it was recorded.

It should be recalled that in the system of sectors of complex socio-economic development of regions, the second sector is assigned to the prosecutor’s office.