13:33 / 24.08.2021

Karshi city khokimiyat loses the case on paying compensation for demolition of a businessman’s property

Фото: KUN.UZ

The administration of the city of Karshi, failing to pay compensation for the demolition of the businessman’s real estate and ignoring his appeals, eventually lost the court. Now the khokimiyat will pay compensation to the entrepreneur based on the court decision.

Kun.uz was informed about this by the leading inspector of the office of the business ombudsman O. Khurramov. Davr LLC (the name of the business entity) operating in Karshi applied to the office of the Business Ombudsman with a complaint about non-payment of compensation for the demolished real estate. The Business Ombudsman conducted a study.

According to the results, in accordance with the purchase and sale agreement dated July 12, 2012, Davr LLC acquired part of the building of the youth center and the production workshop with a total area of   182.41 square meters, located at A. Temur Street, 118, in the city of Karshi. On the basis of this sale and purchase agreement, the SUE Land Management and Real Estate Cadastre Service of the Karshi city issued a cadastral document on August 6, 2012.

After that, in accordance with the presidential decree PQ-2010 of July 25, 2013, a comprehensive scheme for improving road traffic by expanding and reconstructing the existing radial highways, on A. Temur Street, major repairs and reconstruction were carried out in Karshi.

At the beginning of demolition work on this street, the administration of the Karshi city on July 24, 2017 sent a letter No. 1/115 to Davr LLC, stating that the store building was being demolished on the basis of the above resolution. Later, the khokimiyat demolished the property without paying compensation to the business entity.

As noted, the claims of Davr LLC to pay compensation for the destroyed property were ignored by the Karshi city khokimiyat.

In accordance with the requirements of Article 206 of the Civil Code, the demolition of houses, other buildings or crops on the seized land plot is not allowed until the damage is fully covered and at market value.

Taking into account the above, the Business Ombudsman filed a lawsuit in favor of the business entity. By the decision of the Karshi Interdistrict Administrative Court dated August 10, 2021, 226 million 57 thousand soums will be collected from the administration of the city of Karshi in favor of Davr LLC.

It should be recalled that on August 20 of this year, during an open dialogue of the president with entrepreneurs, regional khokimiyats were instructed to pay compensation for demolitions until September 1.

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