17:29 / 31.08.2021

Salaries, pensions, stipends and allowances to increase in Uzbekistan from tomorrow

Фото: KUN.UZ

It should be recalled that on August 17, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on increasing salaries, pensions, stipends and allowances.

According to the decree, from September 1, the minimum salary for employees of budgetary institutions and organizations, pensions, stipends and allowances will increase by an average of 10%.

Thus, from September 1 of this year on the territory of the republic:

– minimum payout for labor (MPL) will be 822,000 soums per month;
base calculating amount (BCA) – 270,000 soums per month;
– calculating pension indicator (CPI) – 289,000 soums per month;
– age pension – 565,000 soums per month;
– allowance for children with disabilities – 622,000 soums per month;
– allowance for elderly and disabled citizens who do not have the required work experience – 440,000 soums per month;
– minimum amount of pension when the length of service is incomplete, taking into account additional payment – 440,000 soums per month;
– age and disability pensions for persons receiving pensions in the amount from the established minimum age pension to 623,000 soums – 623,000 soums per month. 

The costs associated with the increase in the salaries of employees of budgetary organizations, pensions, stipends and allowances will be covered by the state budget and the off-budgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance.

Employers are advised to increase salaries in accordance with the MPL, ensuring that wages are paid not less than the minimum payout established by legislative acts.