08:45 / 14.09.2021
Chairman of Antimonopoly Committee answers a question on continuing lawsuit with UzAuto Motors

In 2020, the Antimonopoly Committee sued UzAuto Motors after it revealed that the monopoly company was selling cars at 30-40% more than in foreign markets, it did not effectively use the privileges and preferences granted. The committee lost the case in court.

At the AIMC press conference on September 13, the committee’s chairman was asked a question about the trial with UzAuto.

“A year ago, the Antimonopoly Committee lost a price lawsuit against UzAuto. Your committee has been accused of discrediting the automobile plant and making populist announcements. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who met with entrepreneurs on August 20, said that the plant was selling cars more expensive (by 30 to 40%) in Uzbekistan than abroad. Will you continue the trial with the encouragement of the presidential agreement with you?” the journalist asked.

The chairman of the committee, Shohrukh Shorakhmedov, said that the plant was working in the direction the committee wanted.

“Once the court’s decision comes into force, we will have to enforce it. But the work did not stop. Work is also underway by the company, in particular, the car maker has announced a transformation. We are in touch with them. So far, the company is working in the direction we want. Other plants are planned to be established in Uzbekistan, and the import of cars has been facilitated.

Bilateral work is underway and transformation has begun. Secondly, other plants have been opened. We are also conducting research,” he said.

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