17:28 / 14.09.2021
Uzbekistan to open customs posts for remote electronic declaration

A presidential decree “On simplification of customs procedures and further improvement of the organizational structure of the state customs service bodies” was adopted.

Document approved the proposal of the State Customs Committee (SCC) on the creation of uncategorized customs posts for remote electronic declaration.
From October 1 of this year, they will appear in the SCC departments in Tashkent, Syrdarya, Kashkadarya and Khorezm regions. From April 1, 2022 – in stages in other territorial SCC departments.
From October 1, 2021:

- customs posts of remote electronic declaration will carry out remote customs clearance of electronic cargo customs declarations submitted by participants in foreign economic activity (FEA);
- employees of groups working with inspection systems (scanners) of border customs posts will be paid a monthly supplement in the amount of 40% of the official salary for harmful working conditions at the expense of the State Budget.
From December 1, 2021, at the checkpoints of cars across the state border of Uzbekistan:

- the tasks of checking and issuing the relevant documentation for the goods of veterinary and phytosanitary authorities will be carried out through the “Single Window” customs information system  or information systems integrated with it;
- stamping and registration of goods and transport documents by veterinary and phytosanitary authorities will be canceled;
- the practice of prepayment of all fees payable on the basis of a single invoice is being introduced before vehicles enter the border checkpoint.
From January 1, 2022:

- overpaid or collected customs payments will be returned to participants in foreign economic activity within three working days after the customs authorities make a decision to return them;
- the minimum period of deferral or installment payment of customs payments is 14 days. During this period, no interest is charged, if the minimum grace period or payment by installments is exceeded, interest will be charged in full for the entire period;
- the amount of additional accrued customs payments that are not subject to collection and return is set up to 20% of BCA;
- the practice of conditional release of goods is being introduced before the completion of the examination to determine the code of goods in accordance with the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity, appointed by the customs authority, with the provision of payment of customs payments;
- the possibility will be created to provide a unified security to ensure the fulfillment of obligations to pay customs payments to a participant in foreign economic activity within the framework of several customs operations;
- at the request of a participant in foreign economic activity, the customs authorities will make a preliminary decision to determine the amount of customs payments payable on goods.
In the structure of the State Customs Committee, the Central Customs Laboratory is being created with the status of a separate legal entity. It will determine the composition of nicotine-containing products and alcoholic beverages, provide services related to the examination and certification of goods, as well as conduct an examination of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors and other types of forensic examination.

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