09:16 / 16.09.2021
Gov’t introduces a separate tax regime in some areas

The law “On amendments and additions to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was signed by the President.

In some areas, a tax regime has been introduced that provides for a separate tax regime.

Separate areas include:

•  Sokh district of Fergana region;
•  Chungara mahalla of Rishtan district;
•  Shokhimardon, Yordon mahallas of Fergana district and Toshtepa-2 Street of Khosilot mahalla.

In some areas, tax rates are set at the following amounts:

•  on profit and income tax – 1%;
•  25,000 soums per quarter for entrepreneurs;
•  on social tax:
•  for legal entities – 1%;
•  for individual entrepreneurs – at least 1 BCA per year;
•  on turnover tax – 1% (it also applies to relations arising from January 1, 2021).

Government agencies provide information on taxable items to the tax authorities in real time in electronic form.