16:33 / 17.09.2021

Uzbekistan named world’s fifth largest uranium-producing country

The World Nuclear Association (WNA) has released its annual report on the world’s largest uranium-producing countries for 2020; Uzbekistan ranked fifth.

During the year, the country produced 3,500 tons of uranium – the same as in 2019.

It is noted that Uzbekistan does not process uranium locally and exports its entire produced stock to other countries.

According to WNA, in 2020, the world’s total uranium production amounted to 47,731 tons, a significant 13% decline over 2019 (54,742 tons), and the lowest level of uranium output in more than a decade. WNA said that last year, mined uranium covered only 74% of its global demand, which is also the lowest level in over a decade.

In 2020, Kazakhstan produced the largest share of uranium from mines (41% of world supply), followed by Australia (13%) and Canada (8%).

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