15:09 / 29.09.2021
Security services detain an Afghan citizen who illegally crossed Uzbekistan’s border  

During an operational event, carried out by officers of the State Security Service in the Surkhandarya region and military personnel of the border troops, an Afghan citizen was detained, who illegally crossed the Amu Darya River into Uzbekistan.

According to the SSS press service, while checking his personal belongings, it was revealed he was carrying 9 kg and 84 grams of the “opium” drug. The narcotic substance was procedurally seized. 

In another case, recorded in Surkhandarya, three citizens living in the Uzun district and the city of Chirchik, Tashkent region, were detained red-handed while selling 6 kg and 80 grams of “hashish” for $30,000.

During an operational event, carried out by employees of the State Security Service for the Samarkand region together with the regional police department and the customs department, a Kia-Bongo car traveling along the Tashkent-Samarkand route was stopped at the “Yukori nukta” traffic patrol post in the Samarkand region. When inspecting the car, 5 kg and 953 grams of “opium” belonging to 2 residents of the city of Samarkand, who were in the car, was seized.

“In addition, during an operational event carried out by employees of the State Security Service of the Tashkent region and the State Customs Committee, in the cabin of a Cobalt car operated by a resident of the capital’s Yakkasaray district (born in 1976), 80 grams of “hashish” were found. During the pre-investigation checks, he said that he had acquired these drugs from a previously convicted acquaintance. In the course of the continuation of the operational activity, the latter was detained. With the involvement of attesting witnesses, an inspection of his Captiva car was carried out, where 5 kg and 219 grams of “hashish” were identified and seized,” the press service said.

In another case, officers of the State Security Service for the Namangan region and the regional customs department detained a resident of the city of Bekabad, Tashkent region (born in 1986), who was transporting 2 kg of “hashish” to the city of Kokand for the purpose of selling.

Currently, within the framework of criminal cases initiated against the above-mentioned persons, the necessary measures are being taken to establish their criminal ties.