14:20 / 29.10.2021
SSS officers detain fraudsters producing counterfeit money in Yangiyul

The State Security Service officers together with employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office suppressed the activities of persons engaged in manufacturing counterfeit money in Yangiyul, Tashkent region.

Reportedly, a resident of Kashkadarya region born in 1993, at his place of residence in the city of Yangiyul, manufactured counterfeit money together with his mother and concubine.

During the operational event, 196 pieces of counterfeit banknotes of 100,000 soums worth a total of 19.6 million soums, as well as 2 computers, 2 color printers, a paper shredder and other stationery were seized from them as material evidence.

In their house, 1 pneumatic pistol was found and seized in accordance with the established procedure.

In addition, two previously convicted residents of the Nurabad district of Samarkand region, born in 1971 and 1984, who came to buy counterfeit currency, were detained.

At present, a criminal case has been initiated on this fact, an investigation is underway, the ministry said.