16:11 / 30.10.2021
Antimonopoly Committee employees leave their posts en masse

There is a staff drain in the Antimonopoly Committee of Uzbekistan. In eight departments of the central apparatus, the positions of chiefs became vacant.

The website of the Antimonopoly Committee says that currently it does not have the department head for assessing the impact of legislative acts and decisions of state bodies on the competitive environment, the department head for combating the abuse of dominant position, collusion and cartel agreements, the department head for the analysis of commodity, financial and digital markets, the department head for control and licensing of commodity exchanges, etc.

It is not yet known exactly why more than a third of the managing positions at the committee are vacant.

The official Telegram channel and website of the Antimonopoly Committee were last updated on Thursday, October 28. There is no more information.

On October 29, the head of the Committee’s press service, Manzura Khasanova, published a video on her Telegram channel titled “We are leaving, but we are not saying goodbye”. 

“I am leaving, we are leaving for a new project. I am a creative person. Updates are needed, they are necessary for me, for us like air. During these two years, we met and became friends with social activists, thanks to whom we saw problems where they are not visible. We are grateful to the committee for the colossal experience that we are now using in our new project,” she wrote

It should be recalled that in March this year, the head of the Antimonopoly Committee, Najmiddinkhodja Sharipov, was appointed deputy khokim of the Tashkent region for investments and foreign trade.

At the end of March, the former Deputy Minister of Health, Shakhrukh Sharakhmetov, became the new head of the Antimonopoly Committee. From 2019 to 2020, he worked as Deputy Minister of Finance, from July 2020 – Deputy Minister of Health.

In April, the President signed a decree “On optimizing the structure and reducing the number of staff members in government and administration bodies”. The document approved the proposal of the republican commission, which provides for the optimization of up to 15% of the number of management personnel and the determination of the updated maximum number of state power and management bodies, their departmental and territorial divisions.

Then it became known that the Antimonopoly Committee would cut 62 staff positions.