16:51 / 02.11.2021
Kun.uz analyzes price changes in foodstuffs based on State Statistics Committee data

According to the analysis, based on official figures, the prices for boneless beef in Uzbekistan rose by 15%, sunflower oil – by 39%, cottonseed oil – by 38% and sugar – by 24% over the year.

Photo: Kun.uz

How much has inflation affected basic food products over the past year? Kun.uz analyzed price changes based on the data provided by the State Statistics Committee.

Beef with bones

It turned out that the price of bone-in beef increased by 14.9% compared to October 2020, by 12.2% compared to December and by 1.7% compared to September this year.

As of October 27, 2021, the price of 1 kg of bone-in beef in the central markets of the country ranges from 45,000 to 68,000 soums.


It rose by 12.8% compared to October 2020, by 9.7% compared to December, and by 1.4% in September this year. According to the State Statistics Committee, mutton is sold in the markets for 52,000 – 80,000 soums.

Sunflower and cottonseed oil

Compared to October 2020, prices for sunflower oil increased by 39.3% and cottonseed oil by 37.5%. Compared to December, prices for sunflower oil rose by 31.3% and cottonseed oil by 29.1%.


Sugar prices rose by 23.9% compared to October last year, 18.6% compared to December and 2.2% compared to September this year.

As of October 27 this year, 1 kg of sugar is sold in the central markets of the country for 7,500 – 9,500 soums.

Rice and wheat flour

On an annualized basis, the price of rice fell by 1%, while the price of wheat flour increased by 5.6%. Since December, the price of rice has fallen by 1.5%, while the price of wheat has risen by 3.8%.

Eggs and milk

Eggs have fallen 1.2% since October last year, while milk prices have risen 13.7%. If we compare this figure with December 2020, we can see that the price of eggs decreased by 3.5% and the price of milk increased by 8.1%. But in September alone, egg prices rose sharply by 11.2%.

For information, the inflation rate in the food sector in October this year was 14%.

The inflation rate in the general consumer sector is officially 10.6%. By the end of 2021, the annual inflation rate is projected to fall to single digits.

Earlier, at a meeting of the Central Bank on October 21, it was reported that the rise in food and fuel prices has hampered inflation.

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