16:27 / 22.11.2021

Uzbekistan returns tons of contaminated potatoes to Iran and Pakistan

Uzbekistan has returned to Iran and Pakistan more than 4 thousand tons of potatoes that failed to pass quarantine checks. 

Photo: Getty Images

Quarantine control authorities of Uzbekistan detected dangerous pests in potatoes imported from Iran and Pakistan during the period September 25 and November of the current year.

The spreading of the detected pests in Uzbekistan can lead to a reduction in the harvest of potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables.

According to the Agency for Quarantine and Plant Protection, over 3.5 thousand tons of contaminated products were returned to exporting countries, and another 775 tons were destroyed in Uzbekistan itself.

If such an incident happens again, then the import of potatoes from Iran and Pakistan may be banned completely.

Now consultations are underway with suppliers and the authorities of these countries to identify and rectify violations.

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