12:31 / 27.11.2021
Central Bank launches a project to improve financial literacy of labor migrants

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has launched a project to improve the financial literacy of labor migrants and their family members, the bank’s press service reported.

Photo: Izvestia / Konstantin Kokoshkin

The Central Bank conducted training for employees of Ishga Markhamat monocenters under the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations and the Agency for External Labor Migration from 12 regions, the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the city of Tashkent.

The training covered such topics as payments and money transfers, modern financial technologies, financial security (including digital financial security) and bank deposits. In addition, the program included materials developed by the specialists of Sberbank, which discloses more detailed information on banking services in the Russian Federation.

The project is planned to be implemented from December this year in 14 branches of Ishga Markhamat monocenters within the framework of a 6-day extended course, and through the Agency for External Labor Migration – a 1-day accelerated course, with the consulting support of Agrobank, Microcreditbank and People’s Bank.

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