POLITICS | 16:06 / 07.12.2021
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Speed limit in front of kindergartens and schools to be sharply reduced

In Uzbekistan, the speed limit in front of kindergartens and schools will be sharply reduced. This is outlined in the strategy approved by the presidential decree on the concept of public safety.

Photo: spot.uz

It is noted that in practice it is planned to implement a number of modern approaches to ensuring complete road safety.

In particular, it is planned to make these standards uniform for all settlements with a sharp decrease in the permissible speed on the roads adjacent to kindergartens and public education institutions.

It is also planned to install pedestrian-controlled traffic lights on sidewalks in densely populated locations in cities and districts.

“Traffic safety classes” will be organized in secondary schools, and “platforms for teaching traffic” – in mahallas.

A system of teaching children the basics of road safety will be introduced in preschool educational institutions, and the basics of traffic on roads, intersections and pedestrian crossings will be taught in a practical and visual form.

Previously, it was reported that criminal liability would be increased for persistent violators of traffic rules.

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