10:46 / 08.12.2021
President Mirziyoyev proposes a number of amendments to the Constitution

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed a number of amendments to the Constitution.

Photo: Kun.uz

“I think we all well understand that in order to implement the tasks reflected in the development strategy and which are important in building a just, truly people’s state, first of all, a constitutional basis and an even stronger legislative base will be needed. In this sense, an important task is to harmonize the basic law with the modern realities of our society, the essence of our consistent reforms, as well as create a solid legal foundation for the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan,” he said in his congratulatory speech to the Uzbek people on the occasion of the Constitution Day.

He noted that this issue was especially emphasized in the proposals of citizens, the general public, representatives of political parties during the meetings held this year before the presidential elections, which puts constitutional reforms on the agenda as an objective necessity.

This is especially evident in the following.

First, it is necessary to replace the previously existing principle “state – society – person” with a new one: “person – society – state”, to fix it in national legislation and legal practice.

Second, in the process of economic reforms, the main criterion should be to ensure human interests. This is the most important condition for building a truly people’s state.

Thirdly, the constitutional consolidation of the role and status of civil society institutions, reflecting the principle “Society is the initiator of reforms”, is also a requirement of the times.

Fourth, the basic law should define the constitutional foundations for the development of the institution of the family, careful delivery of traditional human values to future generations, and further strengthening of interethnic harmony in the country.

Fifth, today, when the younger generation enters the arena as the creators of New Uzbekistan, in order to fully ensure its rights and interests, the Constitution should reflect the state youth policy, issues of comprehensive support for youth, their rights and obligations.

Sixth, Uzbekistan is following the path of building a social state and a unprejudiced society.

“Therefore, I think the time has come to consolidate the principle “New Uzbekistan – a social state” as a constitutional norm,” the President said.

Seventh, in order to increase the efficiency of the current system of human rights protection, the Constitution should also reflect the issues of preventing child labor, reliable protection of the rights of disabled people, representatives of the older generation.

Eighth, at present, many developed states, taking into account global climatic changes, are introducing special ecological sections into their constitutions. In the Constitution of Uzbekistan, an important place should also be given to legal norms related to this topical issue.

Ninth, it is advisable to consolidate at the constitutional level the development of kindergartens, schools, higher education and science, which are interrelated components of the foundation of the Third Renaissance.

“Of course, we must comprehensively and deeply think over such an important, strategic task as updating the Constitution, hold a broad public discussion, carefully study the advanced domestic and world experience and only after that make a specific decision on this issue,” the head of state said.

Mirziyoyev is convinced that the chambers of Oliy Majlis, deputies and senators, veterans, women, youth, legal scholars and political scientists, creative intelligentsia – all people will express their opinions and views on this issue.

“I think there is a deep sense of life in the words of the outstanding statesman and politician Winston Churchill that “To become better means to change, to be the best of the best means to change constantly”. Indeed, the current rapidly changing time demands from us actions and changes that are in tune with it. In order to have a Constitution that meets the requirements of the time, we must prepare a draft of the updated basic law, submit it for public discussion and improve it taking into account the proposals put forward. I think the adoption of this important political document in 2022, during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, will be a matter worthy of the traditions of our national statehood, reflecting the interests of the people,” the President concluded.

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