19:23 / 23.12.2021

Lithuania wants to recruit drivers from Uzbekistan

Lithuanian transport companies are going through hard times. Financial difficulties and a shortage of truck drivers forced them to look for personnel far beyond the borders of the country, Sputnik Uzbekistan reported. 

Photo: Pexels / Lê Minh

Last week, the Lithuanian Road Carriers Association Linava signed an agreement with the Uzbek transport company Aircuz and the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan.

Citizens of Uzbekistan who want to get a job do not even have to take advanced training courses. The company is interested in them to go to work as soon as possible after arriving in the country, the secretary general of Linava Zenonas Buyvydas said.

“All that remains for them is to complete the formalities for hiring, find a job, open a bank account to pay wages and start working,” he said.

According to the latest data, the shortage of truck drivers in Lithuania is about 30 thousand people, and next year it will double again.

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