15:21 / 25.12.2021
Number of children vaccinated with Pfizer nearing 600 thousand in Uzbekistan

As of December 24, 593,304 children aged 12 to 18 have been voluntarily vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Health reported.

Photo: Mary Altaffer / Reuters

In particular, vaccination of children against coronavirus is more active in Fergana (117,283 doses), Samarkand (101,347 doses) and Andijan (67,830 doses) regions than other provinces.

According to the decision of the State Sanitary Inspector and the National Technical Immunological Expert Commission, children over the age of 12 are vaccinated with Pfizer on a voluntary basis since 28 September in Uzbekistan with the consent of their parents and guardians.

To date, 38,321,155 doses of different types of vaccines have been used in Uzbekistan.