17:37 / 08.01.2022
Activities of law enforcement agencies will be enhanced in Uzbekistan

A draft presidential decree “On the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026” has been published on the Single Portal.

Photo: Kun.uz

The document provides for the creation of an effective system for maintaining public order and ensuring security.

In this context, it is planned to take following measures:

•  raising the crime prevention system to a qualitatively new level;
•  prevention of offenses among children of families in need of social protection through their social adaptation;
•  raising the activity of the patrol service to maintain public order to a qualitatively new level, including the abolition of the procedure for admitting a citizen to the department of internal affairs with the introduction of modern information technologies;
•  reduction of fatalities on the roads by improving road infrastructure and creating conditions for safe movement, including the complete digitalization of the traffic management system and ensuring broad public participation in this area.

The activities of law enforcement agencies will also be improved with an even greater focus on serving the effective protection of interests, honor and dignity, rights and freedoms of the people.

In particular, it is planned:

•  to transform the internal affairs bodies into a people's professional structure as a reliable protector of the people, as well as their orientation towards targeted work with the population;
•  to create a solid legal basis for the activities of an open and fair prosecutor’s office, strictly ensuring the rule of law, as well as the transformation of the principle “The rule of law is the inevitability of punishment”;
•  to strengthen control over operational-search and investigative activities, to introduce effective mechanisms for effective protection of the honor and dignity and freedoms of citizens;
•  to digitalize the activities of law enforcement agencies, to widely introduce modern information technologies in investigative activities and the conduct of cases of administrative offenses;
•  to fundamentally reform the systems for recording reports of crimes in law enforcement agencies, the use of modern methods to prevent cases of concealment of crimes.