12:27 / 24.01.2022
Gov’t to allocate 15 billion soums for studying foreign languages

The off-budgetary Fund for Promoting Study of Foreign Languages will be allocated a one-time financial assistance in the amount of 15 billion soums from the funds allocated to the Fund for Support of Reforms in Public Education Sphere, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to the Norma.uz portal, this measure is provided for in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted on January 19 “On additional measures to improve the study of foreign languages”.

Funds allocated to the fund from the state budget are used to introduce effective teaching methods, programs and textbooks in preschool institutions, secondary schools, academic lyceums, higher educational institutions and training centers, including the purchase of necessary literature, textbooks and teaching aids published in foreign countries, international tests and relevant permits, licenses for their conduct, copyrights. In addition, the funds will be spent on the development and implementation of ICT, software projects in the field of promoting the study of foreign languages, in particular the creation of videos, games, films and other educational content for the formation of basic language skills. It is planned to attract highly qualified specialists, including local and foreign ones, to the sphere.

According to the document, from February 1, teachers of the Russian language who have a national or equivalent certificate recognized at the international level at least C1 and above and who work in non-Russian-speaking educational institutions (classes) will be paid a salary increase of 50%.

This takes into account the international certificate of level C1 “Test of Russian Foreign Language” (TORFL), the international certificate of level TORFL3 “Test in Russian as a foreign language”, as well as mutually compatible international certificates C1 “Test of Russian as a foreign language” and a certificate of level C1 in methodology “The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”.

From March 1, with the involvement of qualified specialists, advanced training courses will be organized aimed at developing the competencies of foreign language teachers in reading, writing and speaking, as well as obtaining a certificate.

In addition, by May 1, the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers, in cooperation with internationally recognized assessment organizations, was instructed to develop a system for assessing the competence of listening, reading, writing and speaking in qualification tests for teachers of foreign languages.

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