18:22 / 29.01.2022

Uzbekistan introduces new payments and compensations

The President signed a decree “On further improvement of the system of material support for categories of the population in need of social protection”. 

Photo: Kun.uz

The document was adopted in order to strengthen targeted social protection and material support for the population, expand the scale and further improve the efficiency of providing financial assistance to citizens in need of support and lonely elderly.

“Take note of the introduction of monthly compensation payments for privileged categories of persons (compensation payments) instead of the benefits provided by law for payment of housing and communal services in accordance with presidential decree UP-3227 “On the introduction of compensatory cash payments from April 1, 2003 in exchange for benefits provided for payment of housing and communal services” dated March 27, 2003,” the document says.

According to the decree, from March 1 of this year:

- compensation payments will be paid to all privileged categories of persons entitled to receive them, regardless of the receipt or non-receipt of pensions (social benefits), as well as the performance or non-performance of labor activities by these persons;
- compensatory payments will be introduced to single persons in need of outside care, receiving social benefits. At the same time, monthly compensation payments to single persons in need of outside care, receiving social benefits, will be paid in the amount of 45% of the base calculating pension indicator;
- a monthly surcharge is introduced to social benefits for persons who have reached the age of 100 years or more, in the amount of 100% of the base calculating pension indicator.

The monthly additional payment to pensioners over the age of 100 is financed from the republican budget and the off-budgetary Pension Fund.

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