20:25 / 01.02.2022

Compensation to be paid to all persons belonging to privileged category

From April 1, individuals who fall into the privileged category but do not work in formal employment and do not receive a pension will also be eligible for compensation. Single pensioners in need of care will be paid 130,000 soums a month.

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Davron Pozilov, head of the Off-Budgetary Pension Fund, commented on the presidential decree on financial support for the population in need of social protection.

According to Pozilov, from March 1, 2022:
– “a” ꞏ
ꞏ all privileged categories (additionally 30 thousand people), regardless of whether they receive a pension or work, will be entitled to compensation in the amount of 45% of the basic amount of the pension, that is, 130 thousand soums;
ꞏ 130,000 soums will be paid to single pensioners in need of care;
ꞏ pensioners over 100 years old will be paid an additional monthly payment in the amount of the basic pension, that is, 289 thousand soums.

The number of all privileged categories will exceed 100 thousand people.

Citizens entitled to receive this compensation may apply to the district (city) branches of the Off-Budgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance at the place of permanent or temporary residence.

Also, additional payments to pensioners aged 100 and over are automatically assigned by the district (city) departments of the Off-Budgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance through the information system.

An additional 36.4 billion soums will be allocated from the budget to finance these payments.

For information, to date, to partially cover the costs of housing and communal services, 5 types of privileged people, that is, about 70 thousand people, have been paid compensation in the amount of 72 thousand to 144 thousand soums, stratifying the basic amount of pensions.

Compensation will be paid to the following persons:

  • invalids and participants of the war of 1941-1945;
  • persons equated to war invalids and participants (including internationalists, peacekeepers);
  • lonely retirees in need of care;
  • prisoners of concentration camps, victims of the Chernobyl NPP disaster, military service at nuclear and radiation facilities;
  • participants in the labor front of the 1941-1945 war.

To date, compensation has been established only for those who are engaged in employment or receive pensions and benefits, and no payments have been made to those who are in the privileged category, but are not engaged in employment and do not receive pensions and benefits.

According to the presidential decree, compensation will be paid to those who took part in the Chernobyl disaster, military operations in Afghanistan, are not working and do not receive pensions and benefits, as well as single pensioners in need of care (about 30,000 people in total).

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