13:44 / 09.02.2022
53 convicts released with Ombudsman’s intervention in 2021 

In 2021, with the intervention of the Oliy Majlis Representative on Human Rights, humanitarian acts were applied to 53 convicts, the Ombudsman’s press service reported.

Photo: Kun.uz

It was noted that the Ombudsman via hotlines received complaints from 28 convicts serving sentences in penal colony No. 43 in Tashkent region, 25 convicts in colony No. 50 and 8 convicts in colony No. 38 in Samarkand region.

“These appeals state that the convicts have not been subjected to a humanitarian act, despite the fact that they have already served a certain part of their sentence,” the report said.

The appeals were examined by the Ombudsman, and a request was submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Supreme Court to remedy the situation, and their implementation was monitored.

“As a result, according to the decision of the relevant criminal courts, the sentences of 48 convicts were commuted to correctional labor, 3 convicts were given suspended sentences and 2 convicts were sentenced to house arrest,” the Ombudsman said in a statement.

The remaining 8 convicts were denied a humanitarian act due to disciplinary action.

The Ombudsman reiterated that Articles 73, 74, and 89 of the Criminal Code set out the procedure for parole or commutation of sentence.

For information, persons detained in places of detention of persons with limited mobility, including disciplinary unit, pre-trial detention facilities, penal colonies and compulsory medical institutions, “Ombudsman boxes” installed in pre-trial detention centers and prisons, or close relatives of convicts can apply by e-mail info_ombudsman.uzb@umail.uz.

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