13:27 / 19.02.2022
“The Chess Federation is not directly funded from the budget” – Anti-Corruption Agency

The Anti-Corruption Agency has studied the “financial transactions related to the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan” and announced its results.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to the results of the study, the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan has not been directly allocated funds from the state budget for 2020-2021. Only the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has allocated funds for sporting events held in accordance with the republican calendar plan approved by the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.

It was noted that no funds have been allocated to the Federation for 2020, and in 2021, a total of 2 billion 834.8 million soums were allocated for 6 events. The Federation spent 2 billion 208.4 million soums and the remaining 626.4 million soums were returned to the ministry.

As the Chess Federation is a non-governmental non-profit organization, the collected documents were sent to the Ministry of Justice in accordance with Article 34 of the Law “On non-governmental organizations” (suspension of the NGO activity).

According to this law, the judiciary submits a report on the violations to the governing bodies of the organization and sets a deadline for the elimination of these violations.

If these violations are not eliminated within the prescribed period, they are suspended for up to 6 months by a court decision on the basis of a petition.

It should be noted that the press service of the Chess Federation said that these funds were allocated for the implementation of additional tasks assigned to the Federation with the adoption of the presidential decree on the development of chess (PQ-4954). In particular, the Federation allegedly handed over some of its functions to the company under its auspices and transferred the relevant funds by the decision of the Executive Committee to perform these functions.

“These funds were provided neither on a repayable basis nor on a non-discriminatory basis. This amount is given under strict control for the implementation of specific tasks and the development of chess,” the Federation siad in a statement.