15:38 / 02.03.2022
Citizens who tried to illegally send Uzbeks to America and Turkey detained in Jizzakh (video)

In the first case, the detainee promised to help with the transfer to the United States for $35,000, in the second – the man tried to send a 25-year-old Uzbek woman to Turkey for prostitution.

Photo: Frame from video

In the course of an operative event carried out by employees of the Jizzakh Regional SSS Department and the territorial criminal investigation department, a resident of Sharaf-Rashidov district (born in 1990) was detained.

It turned out that the detainee, having gained the trust of a citizen (born in 1998), promised to help him with sending and employment in the USA for $35,000. He was caught red-handed while receiving $20,000 of the required amount.

Also in the Jizzakh region, employees of the SSS and the DIA prevented an attempt at human trafficking. In particular, a resident of the Zaamin district (born in 1996) was detained at the “Manas 14” traffic patrol post.

It turned out that the man planned to take the 25-year-old girl to Turkey for prostitution.

During an inspection, air tickets en route “Tashkent – Istanbul” and PCR test certificates were found among his belongings.

On these facts, criminal cases were initiated under the relevant Articles of the Criminal Code. Currently, investigative actions are underway.

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