13:09 / 04.03.2022
Uzbekistan evacuates over 2,500 citizens from Ukraine through Poland, more repatriation flights expected

The Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan has provided additional information on the evacuation of citizens from Ukraine.

By March 4, the republic evacuated a total of 2,579 citizens from Ukraine through Poland on 11 flights, MFA spokesperson Yusuf Kabuljanov said.

On March 3-4, 720 citizens of Uzbekistan were returned from Ukraine through the Katowice airport, including 182 women, 163 children and 61 infants.

Uzbekistan is organizing 3 more repatriation flights from the city of Katowice: at 14:30 and at 16:00 on March 4 and at 03:00 on March 5.

Currently, there are more than 1,480 fellow citizens on the territory of Poland, of which 700 are located in the special gathering zone and 780 – at the Katowice airport.

“Uzbekistan is among the few countries in the world that promptly set up work on the repatriation of its citizens from the combat zone. All repatriation flights are carried out free of charge,” added Yusuf Kabuljanov.

According to the Uzbek Embassy in Poland, Katowice airport is currently overcrowded. Through the efforts of diplomats, conditions have been created for the citizens of Uzbekistan, the mayor's office of the city has launched an orderly system for entering the airport building and registering passengers. The order is controlled by the police and local volunteers. Special corridors have been created for women with children and the elderly. All citizens are served on the basis of pre-prepared lists.

The embassy assured that all citizens of Uzbekistan would be returned to their homeland.

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