TOURISM | 17:56 / 09.03.2022
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Uzbekistan may become one of most popular countries for Russian tourists

Tourists were advised to visit countries that have an “all-in-one” system and accept “Mir” payment cards.


After the cessation of the use of Visa and Mastercard cards belonging to Russian banks abroad, tourists are advised to travel to countries that have an “all-in-one” system and accept “Mir” payment cards, the Russian Association of Tour Operators reported.

According to ATOR, countries with an “all-in-one” system include Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt. A number of hotels in the Maldives and the UAE also operate in this way. After the resumption of flights, it will be possible to travel to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have been recommended as the countries with the largest number of “Mir” terminals and ATMs for tourists. As ATOR reports, Uzbekistan may become one of the most popular destinations.

In addition, “Mir” cards will be partially accepted in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

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