16:03 / 16.03.2022
Uzbekistan opened borders with Kazakhstan and Tajikistan
Photo: Kun.uz

From March 15, some of the quarantine restrictions are being relaxed by the decision of the Republican Special Commission, the Official News Channel reported.

Reportedly, from March 16, 2022, foreign nationals with a vaccination certificate or passport will not be required to have a PCR test result when entering Uzbekistan.

In the absence of a certificate or passport, a PCR test with a negative result for coronavirus taken at least 72 hours is required. In the absence of both, it is mandatory to have an express test certificate (electronic QR code) at border checkpoints.

In addition, temporary restrictions on the movement of citizens of the two countries through the checkpoints on the border of Uzbekistan with Kazakhstan and Tajikistan have been lifted. All checkpoints are restoring their activities.

For information, there were reciprocal prohibitions for citizens of the two countries to cross the border on foot.

In addition, the system of registration and issuance of electronic visas (E-VISA) for entry to Uzbekistan will be restored.

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