10:30 / 16.03.2022
Uzbekistan prohibits dismissal of workers who have reached retirement age
Photo: mahalladosh.uz

The President signed a resolution “On additional measures to comprehensively support the elderly and improve their living standards”.

The proposal of the Ministry of Health and Social Development and Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Labor to ban the termination of an employment contract concluded with an employee in connection with the reaching of retirement age at the initiative of the employer was approved.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, together with the relevant ministries and departments, within two months, develops a draft law on the prohibition of termination of an employment contract at the initiative of the employer in connection with reaching the retirement age and submits it to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Based on the main tasks and areas of activity assigned to it, the Ministry for Supporting Mahalla and Older Generation will take the following measures to improve work with the elderly in mahallas:

•  material and moral support for the socially active part of the elderly in mahallas, who take the initiative on the principle of “one elderly is responsible for ten young”;
•  coordination of the activities of ministries and departments, business associations, “Councils of Veterans” at enterprises and organizations, regardless of their organizational and legal form, “Councils of Elders” at mahallas;
•  ensuring the participation of labor veterans in ensuring peace and tranquility in society, improving the social-spiritual environment;
•  creation of a system for regular monitoring of the situation of the elderly and veterans in need of social protection, under the motto “No one will be left without kindness and attention” and ensuring the provision of public services within the framework of social protection programs;
•  holding various cultural and educational events in the complexes “Nuroniylar maskani” and mahallas in order to increase the social activity of the elderly and veterans;
•  ensuring the effective functioning of advisers to the chairmen of citizens’ gatherings for the elderly and veterans and other public structures in mahallas.

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