19:58 / 09.04.2022
A khokimiyat employee detained in Fergana for selling a land plot for $22,000 

SSS officers have revealed facts of illegal sale of land plots in a number of regions.

Photo: Frame from video

In the Samarkand region, during operative events, at least 4 facts of illegal sale of land were revealed, the SSS press service reported.

In particular, in the city of Samarkand, the fraudsters tried to sell and re-register 1 hectare allocated for the construction of apartment buildings. Upon receiving $250,000 out of the required $430,000, the perpetrators were detained.

In the Nurabad district, an LLC head intended to sell 10 hectares on the balance sheet of the LLC for $250,000. He was detained while receiving $100,000.

A resident of the Samarkand region, the head of a local farm in the Urgut district, tried to sell a land plot for $50,000.

A 33-year-old resident of Samarkand intended to sell for $60,000 0.9 hectares of land owned by the administration of the Mirzo-Pay irrigation system in the Jambay district and leased by him. He was detained while receiving $30,000.

Similar facts of illegal sale of land plots were also revealed in Karakalpakstan, as well as Fergana and Jizzakh regions.

In the Ellikkala district, a 37-year-old resident of Urgench, together with the head of an LLC, promised to help a farmer in obtaining a loan of $2 million. For this, they demanded $90,000 from a potential buyer of a land plot. They were detained when receiving $80,000.

In the Fergana region, the State Security Service detained a specialist from the khokimiyat of the Rishtan district, who promised to issue 3 acres of land through his acquaintances. He was detained while receiving $22,000.

On the above-mentioned facts, criminal cases were initiated. An investigation is underway.