17:11 / 09.04.2022
Central Bank begins to punish banks for uncoordinated debiting of funds from cards in order to repay loans

The Central Bank recorded cases of “dishoest” transactions carried out by the commercial bank Davrbank on customer cards without their knowledge.

Photo: Kun.uz

The Service for Protecting Consumers Rights of Banking Services of the Central Bank received numerous appeals regarding the violation by the commercial bank Davrbank of the rules for providing banking services to the population, the press service of the regulator reported.

In particular, it was revealed that bank cards of citizens who are not guarantors or co-borrowers were used without their consent to repay loans from third parties. In addition, cases of debiting funds from bank cards without the knowledge of the holders were recorded.

In accordance with the established procedure, a fine was imposed on Davrbank. The bank was also instructed to immediately stop the practice of illegal withdrawal of funds from bank accounts and cards of citizens without their consent and ensure the return of debited funds.

“The Service for Protecting Consumer Rights of Banking Services of the Central Bank opposes such unfair customer service practices and calls for compliance with the requirements of current legislation,” the report reads.

The Central Bank also recalled that Article 57 of the Law “On banks and banking activity” provides for punishment for banks for violating the rights and infringement of the legitimate interests of consumers.

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