11:15 / 18.04.2022
Three people burnt to death in a traffic accident in Surkhandarya

As a result of the collision of Nexia-3 cars, a fire broke out in one of them, its driver and two passengers were burnt.

Photo: Frame from video

According to the information service of the Surkhandarya regional DIA, on April 14, 2022, a fatal traffic accident occurred on the 4R-102 highway in the territory of Angor district.

The driver of a Nexia-3 moving en route Angor-Jarkurgan lost control and collided with a Nexia-3 coming from the opposite direction.

A fire broke out in one of the cars as a result of the collision. Consequently, driver O., a 23-year-old man traveling as a passenger K. and his 23-year-old wife A.Yu. got burned along with the car and died at the scene with serious injuries.

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