15:17 / 11.05.2022

Gov’t sets limits on use of water for irrigation 

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On urgent measures to ensure reliable water supply of agricultural crops in the face of the expected water shortage in 2022” was adopted.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to Norma, the document approved:

•  water withdrawal limits for irrigation of crops in Karakalpakstan, regions and districts in 2022;
•  the composition of the republican working group to mitigate the negative impact of the expected water shortage in the summer irrigation season of 2022 and agree on measures for the rational use of available water resources;
•  volumes of electricity consumed by organizations of the system of the Ministry of Water Resources for the operation of pumping stations and vertical irrigation wells in 2022;
•  plan for the repair and reconstruction of irrigation systems and their hydraulic structures, pumping units and irrigation wells in 2022.

The main tasks of the republican working group are:

•  controlling over the use of water resources in large reservoirs, in particular, water supply based on accurate calculations and requests from khokimiyats;
•  introducing a system of strict control over measures for the seasonal readiness of the irrigation and drainage network;
•  introducing water-saving irrigation technologies based on the principle of “one channel – one system”;
•  daily analysis of water use efficiency during the irrigation season.