13:21 / 25.05.2022
Tashkent Airport launches Fast Track service

Passengers can pay for the Fast Track service at the information desk in the departure terminal.

Photo: Uzbekistan Airports

A new Fast Track service has been launched at the Tashkent International Airport in the departure terminal, Uzbekistan Airports reports.

The service allows passengers to check-in for a flight, customs and passport control and pre-flight inspection without queues.

To use the service, the passenger needs to contact the information desk in the departure terminal. After payment, the airport representative accompanies the passenger along a corridor to the special zone, from where the passenger can independently board.

The cost of the Fast Track service is 170,000 soums. One can pay for the service in cash in national currency or using Uzcard, Humo, Visa, Mastercard, etc. bank cards.

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