12:07 / 09.06.2022

Subsidies to be granted for introduction of water-saving technologies in irrigation

When buying a mobile generator, up to 30 million soums are compensated, for photo panels – up to 100 million soums.

Photo: Kun.uz

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the regulation on subsidies allocated for the purchase of equipment for irrigation of cotton and grain crops, Spot reported referring to the Ministry of Justice.

According to it, the state compensates farmers for part of the costs of introducing water-saving technologies for irrigating cotton and grain crops with an area of 10 hectares or more. Amount of subsidies:

•  for the purchase of devices for supplying irrigation equipment with renewable energy – up to 50% , but not more than 100 million soums;
•  for the purchase of equipment for mobile generators, supplying – up to 30% , maximum 30 million soums.

To receive a subsidy, a farmer must apply to the local khokimiyat with an appropriate application. Documents will be reviewed within 10 working days from the date of submission of the application.

The territorial group summarizes and analyzes the conclusions on the issuance of subsidies every 10 days. Lists of applicants will be submitted to the ministries: by August 1 to the Ministry of Water Resources, and by November 20 to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The amount of subsidies paid by the Ministry of Water Resources will be transferred by August 10, by the Ministry of Agriculture – by December 1.

Uzbekistan recently reached an agreement on the supply of sprinkler irrigation systems from Austria. Farmers for their purchase will be allocated a preferential loan for €7.9 million.

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