14:51 / 14.06.2022

Exchange price of sugar increases by almost 50% since March

The Ministry of Agriculture published data on the cost and quantity of sugar sold on the Commodity Exchange.

Photo: Getty Images

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the first 10 days of June, the minimum price of sugar sold at the commodity exchange amounted to 11.9 million soums per 1 ton, the maximum – 14.5 million soums.

In total, from June 1 to 10, 19,646.0 tons of sugar were sold, an average of 2,455.8 tons per day. In particular, at the beginning of the month, 3,000 tons of sugar were sold on the stock exchange, while on June 10, 2,002 tons of sugar were sold, or 33.3% (998 tons) less.

For comparison: according to the Ministry of Agriculture statistics, published in March this year, the average price of sugar on the exchange rose from 8.85 million per ton to 13.1 million soums (an increase of 48.1%).

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