12:00 / 25.06.2022

Presidential term in Uzbekistan may be extended for 7 years

It is proposed to extend the term of office of the President of Uzbekistan from 5 to 7 years. This is included in the bill to amend the Constitution.

The project was announced today, July 25, in the “Khalk suzi” newspaper. The project is also expected to be posted electronically on the portal Meningkonstitutsiyam.uz portal. 

The issue of placing the bill on the regulation.gov.uz portal, where each item can be commented separately, remains open.

Earlier, in an interview with Kun.uz, First Deputy Speaker of the Senate Sodiq Safoyev said that after the amendments to the Constitution, a “new legal space” will be created, which will allow every citizen, especially the incumbent, to run for president. 

Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced that amendments to the Constitution would be adopted through a referendum. 

For information, the term of office of the President of Uzbekistan in 2011 was reduced from 7 to 5 years.

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