15:10 / 28.06.2022
Survey: 83% of Uzbeks support constitutional reform in the country

“Ijtimoiy Fikr” conducted a survey devoted to the study of public opinion on the process of making amendments and additions to the Constitution, on the need to improve the country’s basic law in accordance with the requirements of today, on the creation of a legal basis for a new stage in the development of our state.

Photo: ijtimoiyfikr.uz

The study showed that, in general, 88% of the survey participants are aware of the start of the process of collecting proposals from the population to make changes and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“This indicates the involvement of the general public in the political processes taking place in the country, the feeling of ownership and responsibility of citizens for the fate of the state. The majority of respondents - 83% - support the constitutional reform and recognize the need to update the Constitution in modern conditions,” the report says.

As part of the study, the task was set to reveal the awareness of citizens about the activities of the constitutional commission, as the survey showed - 76% of respondents are aware of the work of this commission.

According to the data received, 47.2% consider it important for themselves to realize the opportunity and take part in the process of updating and improving the basic law, 24.1% have already taken advantage of this opportunity and made their proposals and additions to the current Constitution.

In the course of the study, sources of information about the ongoing process of making additions and changes to the country’s basic law were studied. 32.8% of the surveyed citizens received this information through television. An important role was played by the distribution of SMS - through them, information was received by 23% of respondents. 17% of respondents received this information through Telegram channels, and 15% of survey participants received this information through social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

An analysis of the public opinion survey of the population showed that the main topical areas, which, according to the survey participants, should be reflected in the Constitution, are the issues of improving the public administration system, strengthening the provision of fundamental human rights and freedoms, strengthening the social protection of vulnerable segments of the population (persons with disability, children left without parental care, women who have lost their breadwinner, the elderly and pensioners), as well as strengthening the role of youth in the state and society. An important area, as the study showed, is the protection of the environment and the implementation of environmental rights. Respondents also named such areas as special attention to the formation and strengthening of universal, national and family values, strengthening the protection of private property and issues of ensuring the quality of education.

The study showed that survey participants are aware that making changes and additions to the country’s basic law is a process that requires great responsibility and participation of every citizen, which can affect the future development of the country. 

In general, the comprehensive study of public opinion convincingly shows that the basic law in its new edition will undoubtedly be the result of the joint collective efforts of the authorities of society and the state, and the amendments being made emphasize that a person should be at the center of the activities of government bodies and the highest goal of all ongoing constitutional reforms is the creation of worthy conditions for the life of citizens.