15:20 / 14.07.2022

Uzbekistan to introduce use of electronic bracelets against suspects 

In accordance with the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the system of using an electronic bracelet will be introduced in order to prevent the escape of persons suspected of having committed a crime, who have been detained under preventive measures, and prisoners.

It is noted that when the persons under the convoy try to escape (remove the electronic bracelet, injure themselves, move away from the convoy officer, and in other cases), the electronic bracelet automatically transmits audio and visual messages online to the assigned convoy officer and the duty units of regional internal affairs bodies, military units of the Guard Forces Command, investigative detention centers and penal colonies.

Measures will be taken to catch the persons under the convoy who tried to escape according to the GPS signals transmitted from the electronic bracelets worn on them.

By December 1, 2024, the convoy units of the Internal Affairs bodies will be fully equipped with electronic bracelets.

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