22:20 / 16.07.2022
Uzbekistan tightens border control over cholera outbreak in Afghanistan

In the Afghan provinces of Helmand and Zabul, about 40 people died in a day from cholera. The largest number of infected was recorded in the districts of Bagram and Daychopan. Among the victims are at least 15 children.

Photo: pajhwok.com

According to media reports, on July 12, more than 120 people were reported infected with cholera in the country. On July 11, 20 deaths were registered in Helmand province as a result of the infection.

Cholera is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water. Cholera causes severe diarrhea and dehydration. Left untreated, cholera can be fatal within hours, even in previously healthy people.

According to the Service for Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health of Uzbekistan, there are currently 54 sanitary and quarantine points in the territory of the republic at state border crossings, of which 36 are on roads, 11 are at international airports, 6 are on railways. and 1 - in the river port.

The above points are provided with thermal imagers and non-contact thermometers for medical and sanitary examination of those arriving on the territory of Uzbekistan.

It is also reported that in infectious diseases hospitals, patients with acute diarrhea were examined for cholera. In addition, special laboratories are provided with the necessary equipment, reagents and nutrient media.

The SES reported that every week water samples are taken from open reservoirs to identify cholera pathogens.

A reserve of medical places has been created to receive patients and a supply of necessary medicines has been formed.