13:04 / 23.07.2022

Practice of taking a citizen to DIA for identification to be abandoned

By the decision of the government, the regulation on the procedure for electronic identification of citizens in public places by the employees of the patrol-post service of the internal affairs bodies was approved.

Photo: Kun.uz

From January 1, 2023, the “E-patrol” system will be gradually introduced, and the practice of taking a citizen to the department of internal affairs for identification will be abandoned. All information will be checked electronically and the activity of the patrol officer will be recorded on the “body camera”.

Employees may stop a citizen and determine their identity through IDs or the “E-patrol” system in the following cases:

ꞏ if there is reason to suspect that the person has committed a crime or offense or is wanted;
ꞏ if the person can be considered to have information about the committed crime or offense;
ꞏ if there are other legal grounds for detaining a person.

When a person is stopped, the employee must explain the reasons and grounds for stopping him. A citizen who does not have an ID with him will be taken to the internal affairs body in the following cases:

ꞏ when it is not possible to determine his identity through the tablet;
ꞏ when wanted or missing persons are identified;
ꞏ when he resists in the process of clarifying his identity;
ꞏ when a person is caught committing an offense in a public place.