14:55 / 29.07.2022
“70 percent of certificates submitted to master’s programs are fake” – Abdukodir Toshkulov

Responsible executives were given the necessary instructions to strictly control this situation, after receipt, check the certificates again with the participation of experts, and expel those who presented fake certificates.

Photo: Ministry of Higher Education

Under the leadership of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education Abdukodir Toshkulov, a videoconference meeting was held on the issue of transparent conduct of creative, professional exams based on thorough preparation.

As the Ministry of Higher Education reported, a topical issue on the agenda of the meeting was the transparent and impartial conduct of creative and professional exams, which started on the same day.

Abdukodir Toshkulov stressed the need to create sufficient conditions for the teaching staff and specialists involved in supervising examinations, as well as encouraging distinguished specialists with additional monetary rewards.

The total number of admission parameters for areas of study in which a professional exam is held is 2,515. According to the data, the number of applicants who have registered and chosen their areas of study has exceeded 1 million 200 thousand people. The number of applicants registered in areas of education requiring special abilities is 60,177, and the number of applicants registered in areas of education for which a professional (creative) exam is conducted together with a test is 66,371 people.

At the meeting, the minister noted that the exam should be held on the territory of the institution in compliance with the sanitation and hygiene rules. The following tasks should be well-organized: video broadcasting of the process, providing each zone with an ambulance, prompt information about the process, organizing the activities of the appeal commission, inviting the mass media, members of the public, bloggers to the exam.

At the end of the meeting, A. Toshkulov touched upon the issue of admission of documents to the master’s degree and sharply criticized the fact that 70% of the submitted certificates were falsified.

He instructed officials to strictly control this situation, after the completion of the reception, once again check the certificates with the participation of experts and expel those who submitted fake documents.