15:57 / 19.08.2022
Uzbekistan to purchase new subway cars for Tashkent metro from Russia

The Tashkent metro administration says the number of passengers using metro services daily will exceed 500,000 in September.

Photo: Kun.uz

In order to reduce train intervals in the Tashkent metro, 14 new trains will be purchased from Russia. 

It is noted that compared to the same period last year, citizens began to use the services of the subway more often, which is why passenger traffic increased by 150-200 thousand.

Every day, 450-480 thousand people use the subway. It is expected that from September the number of metro passengers will exceed 500,000.

The Tashkent metro administration noted that in order to create more convenience for passengers, it is planned to reduce the interval between trains in the morning from 07:30 to 09:30.

In particular, trains will run every 2.5-3 minutes on the Chilonzor line, 3.5-4 minutes on the O’zbekiston line, and every 5-6 minutes on the Yunusobod line.